Guernsey Fibre engineers are visiting 1,450 homes that have recently upgraded to fibre services to replace a small part in the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) due to a manufacturing fault.

The current chipset in the ONT has a faulty component, which means when the ONT is rebooted after a power cut, or powered off and on manually, it may not reconnect properly. This isn’t a safety risk and should not be a cause for concern to anyone, however, to ensure islanders’ fibre connections run as they should, the ONT needs to be replaced with a newer model that does not encounter this issue and interrupt in-home fibre services.

The changeover is straightforward, with no cost to customers and will take approximately 15 minutes to replace.

A Guernsey Fibre engineer will knock on the door of affected homes with a letter explaining the process. If you are not at home the engineer will leave behind contact details so a convenient appointment time can be made.

If you have any questions about this, please call us on 01481 700900.