Connecting Our Community

All of our lives are becoming increasingly digital and internet services are more vital than ever. We know it’s essential that network performance and connection speeds are able to deal with our island’s future demand.

Guernsey Fibre reflects an investment of £37.5m. This Sure project is being carried out in partnership with the States of Guernsey who are providing part-funding of up to £12.5m. Working together in this way means you have added reassurance that this is a long-term investment that will benefit you for years to come as it becomes a crucial part of the island’s infrastructure

Beginning in early 2022, we will be connecting around 30,000 properties. The plan is to deliver fibre to almost all properties on the island by the end of 2026.

Benefits to Guernsey 

This investment will not only be a boost to the local economy with the direct impact being the creation of 75 additional jobs and millions of pounds flowing to local suppliers, which Sure will be predominantly using, as well as the indirect impact of an expected uplift of 1.1% to the economy generated by more digital activity.* 


Source: FTTH Council (2014) – “providing full fibre to just half of all premises could result in a 1.1% rise in annual GDP” 

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Benefits of Fibre

Superfast broadband that’s up to 50 times faster than today's basic connection speed**. 

Guernsey Fibre is going to cover the whole island. So no matter where you live or work, you’ll have access to a fast, reliable and stable connection.

Guernsey Fibre will enable a seamless learning or working from home experience.

Guernsey Fibre is going to underpin the island’s future economic growth.

This investment will be a boost to the local economy with the direct creation of additional jobs.

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** 1,001Mbps average speed attainable using Ookla Speed test app built into the router. Test conducted in August 2021.

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Local Experts

This project will be delivered by Sure’s expert local team and will involve our engineers applying their existing knowledge of top-class networking with the very latest technology.   

Guernsey Fibre is going to cover the whole island. So no matter where you live or work, you’ll have access to a fast, reliable and stable connection which will facilitate working from home, high-end gaming, top-quality streaming.  

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Sure announces Guernsey fibre roll out

Sure is rolling out a state-of-the-art fibre to the premises (FTTP) broadband network, which will directly reach every property in Guernsey with a faster, more reliable connection and offer the possibility of 1 gigabit-per-second coverage for all. That’s up to 50 times faster than today’s basic broadband. The new fibre connection will offer customers unmatched connection speeds for gaming, HD streaming, home working, and video conferencing.

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