New set of Guernsey homes fibre-ready

New set of Guernsey homes now fibre-ready

The Guernsey Fibre project is making significant progress as 75 homes are now ready to be connected to the new fibre-optic broadband network.

The project is currently in a pilot phase as Sure engineers work in concentrated areas to install the necessary network infrastructure. 75 fibre-ready addresses have been released today to the island’s broadband providers so they can get in touch with these homeowners to offer to connect them to the new service.

The homes eligible for connectivity are in the following areas: St Peter Port North including Rouge Rue, Le Grand Bouet, First Tower Lane and Les Banques. Following a successful installation in Victoria Avenue, more homes in the south of St Sampson are fibre-ready too. Not all homes on these roads will be ready for fibre yet but good progress has been made.

Justin Bellinger, chief executive of Sure in Guernsey, said that the project is going well and is anticipating further acceleration in 2022.

“Progress so far in the planning and testing phases is really encouraging” he said. “Our engineers have been working hard to get everything in place for the new network and have made great progress in the pilot locations.

“That work means that 75 homes are now fibre-ready and can get connected to Guernsey Fibre and another 75 will be ready by the end of January. Once the pilot is complete, we aim to have 700 homes a month fibre-ready by autumn and thousands ready to be connected by the end of the year.”

The £37.5 million investment, £12.5 million of which is coming from the States of Guernsey, aims to connect all 30,000 properties in Guernsey with unmatched broadband speeds by the end of 2026.

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