Guernsey's fibre broadband network capabilities upgraded

Guernsey Fibre upgrades broadband network capabilities

Guernsey’s broadband connectivity capabilities now exceed what most UK consumers can access, with speeds of up to 2 Gigabits per second (2Gbps), thanks to the latest upgrades to the island’s fibre network. This means the network’s top speed is 125 times faster than standard broadband.

The fibre network in Guernsey was already the fastest in the Channel Islands and with the new top speed of 2Gbps, this latest upgrade is further helping to future-proof the island’s connectivity.  

Fibre users across Guernsey are benefitting from a free speed uplift and upload speeds matching the download speeds, giving users up to 950Mbps extra upload speed.

Richard Cartland, Programme Director at Guernsey Fibre, said: “We are proud to be working across the island to upgrade the infrastructure for everyone. This project is crucial for the island, boosting economic and social prospects. These upgraded fibre speeds will allow digital businesses to thrive and have the flexibility to be based anywhere on the island, expanding economic possibilities and fostering creativity and entrepreneurialism”.

To access the full speed available of the 1Gbps, 1.5Gbps and 2Gbps services from the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) within your premises, you’ll need a 2.5Gbps capable router (equipped with both a 2.5Gbps WAN & LAN port) and connected with a CAT 6 cable.